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Foundation is the bottom most part of a structure which is hidden inside the soil in most of the cases.Therefore more quality control is required as it is possible to hide the mistakes underground. Unfortunately foundation will have given less importance compared to externally visible portions of the structure in most of the cases.It is a normal practice to provide the foundation without proper Geo technical assessment. More importance is given to structural aspects and foundation is provided from a structural point of view only.Repair of failed foundation is not an easy matter and it involves complicated engineering techniques with high cost in most of the cases.It is also seen that damaged portion of the highways is repaired from the top leading to the failure at the same location in a case where the failure is occurred in the foundation portion. Special care is required in cases of weak compressible soils and water table variations.It is required to have a combined assessment of Geo technical and structural engineering with equal importance in providing foundation for Structures. Also the Soil assessment laboratories with experts shall be made available to common people to solve their foundation issues.