Category: Foundation Repair

23 Apr

Can Tree Roots Cause Foundation Damage?

Foundation Repair: Everybody cherishes the appearance of a majestic tree in the front yard or supporting a treehouse for the children outback, yet may that tree represent certain dangers for your home? In specific situations, and any case, an attractive tree can pose a noteworthy threat to your home’s foundation. This is what you have […]
10 Jun


Foundations are critical to the integrity of a house. A cracked base may indicate an imminent collapse, particularly if an earthquake disturbs the ground. Having a base inspected every several years can save money for long-term homeowners. Having the foundations repaired and re-leveled before putting a property on the market can significantly develop the property […]
2 Dec

7 Home Maintenance Tips

Owning a home is fulfilling and with it comes a responsibility to keep the home in good shape. At the heart of every home, structure is its foundation, supporting the whole structure. Foundation repair is expensive and damage to your home’s foundation could render it inhabitable. It is therefore important, as a homeowner, to initiate […]
6 Sep

Common Misconceptions About Foundation Repair

Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves accepting advice from homeowners with “experience” rather than a trained professional with real experience. While there are many differing opinions regarding how to repair a foundation and which solution is most effective, the below realities are dreamt-up or contrived. These realities are proven fact that we hope will provide a […]
6 Sep

Can Foundation Repair Be A DIY Job?

When foundation problems begin to appear it is crucial to repair them through a structural engineer as soon as possible. Early foundation repairs may prevent further problems down the road and save money on more extensive repairs. Unaddressed foundation problems may lead to damaged plumbing, buckled walls, and cabinets or mantles coming apart from walls. […]