Reasons Why You Should Hire A Structural Engineer for your Foundation Inspection

20 Jan

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Structural Engineer for your Foundation Inspection

There are times when having a home inspector inspect your foundation are insufficient and you may need the services of a structural engineer. The foundation of a home is a particularly important area to inspect as it is the main support for the home, if there are problems with the home’s foundation repairs not caught early may become extremely expensive. The supporting structure of a home is mainly configured in three different ways, these three arrangements have similar features like concrete footings that support the home’s weight yet also differ greatly and need to be looked at on an individual basis by a structural engineer.

Who is a Structural Engineer?

Structural engineering is core branch of civil engineering in which structural engineers are trained understand evaluate and calculate the stability, strength, and rigidity of built structures for buildings and non building structures in order to make structure impregnable. It is the responsibility of the structural engineer to develop, design and integrate their design with that of other designers and to supervise construction of projects on site that they can also be involved in the design of machinery medical equipment and vehicles were structural integrity affects functioning and safety.

Reasons you Should Hire a Structural Engineer for Your Foundation Inspection

Complete and Thorough Inspection

A structural engineer has a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering as well as a professional certification and so they are able to perform accurate calculations of pressures and stresses placed on each element of a building by analyzing blueprints, topographical and geological data. They are also able to decide which materials would be most suitable for each part of the structure. Check here.

What Repairs Need to be Done

A structural engineer can help to estimate the cost and quantities of materials, equipment, and labor that is required for a foundation repair work, thereby giving you a clear idea on what repairs needs to be done. You can thereafter consult with your home remodeling contractor to see what repairs need to be done to the foundation.

They Help to Construct the Elements with Structural Integrity

A foundation structural engineer has a wide range of responsibilities; they have a duty to ensure the safety and durability of the project on which they are working. The important consideration of any structure is its integrity and the ability of a structure to withstand its intended loading without failing due to fracture, deformations or fatigue. They help to construct the elements with structural integrity to prevent catastrophic failure or else it can result in injuries severe damage death and monetary losses.

Problems with the foundation will affect many other areas of the home and the costs of repairs will grow rapidly. If problems are discovered with the foundation only a licensed structural engineer can give you a written certification to the foundation’s soundness, home inspectors cannot provide this service so do not be fooled into having a home inspector certify structural problems. A structural engineer would check the structural elements of the foundation of the house even up to the construction itself. Check out this site: